Writing Coaching

Writing coaching is an individually-tailored process that helps your writing reach its full potential. In the coaching sessions you will develop awareness of your themes and styles, learn editing techniques and experience writing exercises that will help you to explore new resources and ways to develop your writing. 

In the writing coaching process there is also an opportunity to use other art modalities to gain different perspectives on your writing. For instance, visual art may be used to draw imagery into the written material and music can be used as a tool to develop rhythm in poems and songs.  The exploration of the writing may have therapeutic value. However, our main focus in this process would be on the  written product. We work together using techniques of expressive arts to reach the deeper layers of your writing.

The coaching process includes face-to-face meetings. Readings and homework may be suggested as well. The number of the sessions varies. One session can boost your writing process and help you gain different perspectives on it.  The advantage of several sessions is that you have time to develop your work between sessions, bring it back for review and reach its completion. In any case, our goal is to fuel your creative work, nourish and support it.

You are welcome to contact me if you would like to have more information.