Literary Tours at Evergreen Brick Works

Take a tour of the quarry with poet Gili Haimovich and other artists as your guide, witness a marching line of poetry, and see the installation of a photo-based mural with us at Doors Open Toronto 2010. May 29, 30.

At Doors Open Toronto this year Diaspora Dialogues partners with Evergreen Brick Works to present unique and site-specific programming.

Photo of Evergreen Brick Works by Gili Haimovich

Diaspora Dialogues Literary Tours
Take a literary walking tour of the quarry with Toronto artists as your guide, presenting work on themes of labour and architecture. Featuring Gili Haimovich, Gein Wong, Janet romero-leiva, Samantha Bernstein and Falen Johnson.

About Gili Haimovich:

Gili is an internationally published poet. She has published the poetry collection Living on a Blank Page (Blue Angel Press ’08). The collection came out in two editions. The second one included Gili’s photography as well. Gili has also three volumes of Hebrew poetry. In North America her work featured in the Diaspora Dialogues anthology Tok1 – Writing the New Toronto and in a variety of literary journals including The Literary Review of Canada, Cahoots Magazine, Stellar Showcase Magazine, Writing in the Margins and In My Bed Magazine as well as in many major Israeli publications. Gili herself has created different multicultural and multidisciplinary poetry event collaborating with other poets and artists. She also works as an Expressive Arts Therapist and Educator. In her work, she uses creative writing along with other art modalities as a therapeutic tool and as a unique way to teach creative writing.

When: The tours will take place on Saturday May 29 at 1 pm, 2pm, and 3 pm and on Sunday May 30 at 10 am, 11 am and 12 pm.

The event will also include Quarry Poem – A permutating line of poetry as it marches through the quarry. If you’re nearby, come get your own take-home poem. Poetry by Priscila Uppal. And Photo-based Mural showcasing the process of artist Dan Bergeron as he installs striking photo-based murals of past Brick Works labourers on building walls.

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