Gili Haimovich- Expressive Arts therapy and workshops

Gili Haimovich is an Expressive Arts therapist and a writer with background in Visual arts.  From her work in Canada and in Israel she has developed extensive experience in working with in large spectrum of cultures and populations. She has more then 7 years experience in private practice and agencies including The Trent Women’s Centre and Muki Baum association for people with dual diagnosis. She graduates from the arts school Camera Obscura and the training program for Intermodal Expressive Arts Therapy ISIS Israel. She has been on the board of directors of ISIS-Canada for two years and currently she is a teaching assistant for the 3rd year students at ISIS-Canada. She is working in her private practice with individuals and groups and facilitates Expressive Arts therapy and workshops.

My practice is person-oriented. The arts modalities that been used aim to suit the client’s needs. I believe that expression through the arts is a natural act. Therefore there’s no need for previous arts experience. Depending on individual client needs we work in collaboration and creative approach to explore the client’s emotional life, needs, issues and sources of meaning and happiness. The client benefits from ongoing therapeutic relationship in a safe place for expression and exploring experiences, thoughts and feelings. Through shaping those into the arts and containing them in a safe place the expressive arts therapy give us once again the permission to express ourselves creatively and to gain a different, new, perspective toward our challenges, burdens, resources and joys.


  • Expressive Arts Therapy Diploma, ISIS
  • Graduate of Camera Obscure Arts School
  • Wide Experience in working with variety of populations and cultures in Israel and Canada
  • More then 7 years experience as expressive arts therapist and facilitator
  • Mentor of youth and adults in writing for 7 years
  • Collaborates with facilities; ISIS – Canada, The Trent Women’s Centre and Muki Baum association for people with dual diagnosis
  • 13 years of  writing experience of books, literary critics, and journalism
  • Author of 4 poetry books in Hebrew and English
  • Author of short film that won a scholarship from the Israeli Ministry of culture
  • Visual artist of video art and photography
  • Editor of books, poetry and newspaper articles including the Hebrew translation of the book Happenstance: the Wife’s Story by the Canadian writer Carol Shields
  • Poetry translator

Areas of expertise and experience: Individuals and groups who wish to process issues of personal growth, trauma and its effects, relationship, communication difficulties, identity, immigration, sexuality, creative blocks and longings, self-esteem, body image, eating disorders, anxiety, stress, loss and grief, breaking through damaging patterns, grounding and having more embodied experience of life and self. Therapy can be also writing focused Expressive Arts Therapy.

Gili also facilitate Expressive Arts Writing studios, Body Image workshops and Expressive Arts workshops.